Nats Quick Out the Gates

As I sit here watching the fifth game of the year, I ponder the fact that the Nats are basically performing exactly as expected.

  • They open up with a 4-0 record ☑
  • Bryce drops bombs ☑
  • Rendon flashes the leather ☑
  • Eaton’s an extreme upgrade in LF (player of the week..) ☑
  • The three-headed monster in the bullpen deeeaalllss ☑
  • Scherzer, Strasburg, Gio, and Roark sick on the bump ☑
  • AJ Cole sucks balls ☹

Seriously, AJ Cole has been in the organization for close to a decade now. Do we really expect a big surge from the guy? At least with a guy like Edwin Jackson, he’ll throw you 300 pitches to save the bullpen while he gives up a bunch of runs. I hear Hellickson is pitching in extended spring training tonight 👀.

However, congrats on the first home run tonight, AJ. Wayta take your time around the bases.. (30 seconds).

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