Max Gets the Nats Back to .500

After being swept by the Mets over the weekend, and going below .500 for the first time since the pre-Dusty era, the Nats are back even at 5-5. It took a complete game gem in the form of a shutout from Mad Max, as the Nats didn’t exactly tear the cover off the ball winning 2-0 (both runs scored in the 1st).



I’m still very skeptical of this lineup Davey Martinez has going. I hate Rendon in the two-hole. The guy is a double/RBI machine, and needs people on base to get the most productivity out of him. In 1012 career ABs hitting 2nd, Rendon has a total of 99 RBIs (.098 RBIs per AB). As a comparison, in 407 ABs in the 6-spot, he has 86 RBIs (.211 RBIs per AB).




And why is our fastest player hitting 6th? I guess we want runners ahead of him so that we can decrease his potential SBs. Still a lot of time for Davey to get it right. I don’t even consider it real baseball until it’s at least 75 degrees out, but I’m still skeptical..

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